After Hours
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After Hours Care

Unfortunately, we are not able to be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As pediatricians we know that after hours care is almost never needed, but you as parents don't always have that confidence or know what you should do when a problem arises. That's why we have developed resources to help you make wise choices when faced with an after-hours problem.

Is Your Child Sick?

Is Your Child Sick? is our award winning online triage system that utilizes the same nurse triage protocols used by over 20,000 pediatricians and almost every children's hospital. Just select your child's symptom from the drop-down list and you will be given basic instructions on how to manage the problem, when to seek medical care, and what symptoms warrant urgent care. In a survey of 2,000 patients, 97% found Is Your Child Sick? helpful and 58% said that it kept them from having to call their doctor. This is an excellent tool to help you decide how to manage your after-hours problems and is available to anyone with access to the web.

After Hours Nurse Line

If you need to speak to a live person or don't have access to the internet, you can still get advice after-hours by calling our nurse line. It is staffed by pediatric nurses at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital who will give you advice on the management or your child's problem and help you decide if or when you need to seek medical care. This service is available only to our established patients. You can access the nurse line by calling 931-762-1845.

First Morning Appointments

We realize that, even though most people would prefer to have their child seen by their pediatrician, they use after-hours walk-in clinics for convenience. That's why we have saved our first morning appointments for you. You don't have to wonder if you will have to miss a day of work waiting on your appointment, or worse yet, not get an appointment at all! We WILL see you first thing if you will call and let us know you are coming. Our office opens at 8AM every morning except Thursdays (9AM). You can call and leave us a voice mail message, or log on to our Patient Portal and schedule an appointment online. You may also send us a secure message from the Patient Portal.

Patient Portal

The Patient Portal allows you to schedule appointments, request medication refills, pay your bill and update your medical information. You can also search the robust library of articles on almost every pediatric topic.