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What are Pediatric Nurse Practitioners?

Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (PNPs) are health care providers who are dedicated to improving children's health. PNPs have advanced education in pediatric nursing and health care and they serve children and families in an extensive range of practice settings.

Working with pediatricians and other health care providers, PNPs have been enhancing the health care of children for over forty years. At The Children's Clinic we utilize PNPs to provide routine well child care, sick care and management of common pediatric conditions.

In addition to obtaining a master's level education in pediatric health, they have each undergone an intensive one year training period with us where they received highly supervised on-the-job training. After training we continue to work as a team by following "best-practice" treatment protocols and collaborating on more involved or difficult cases.

PNPs excel at providing individualized, quality pediatric care in this type of team environment.