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What Difference Does Pediatric Care Make?

Most physicians and nurse practitioners who practice in clinics that see people of all ages are trained only in general primary care. Their training and experience with pediatrics is only a fraction of that of pediatric trained providers.

This lack of training and experience frequently leads to two types of errors:

  • Children receive unnecessary evaluations, treatments and referrals because their provider is inexperienced with child specific norms and treatment options.

  • Others are undertreated because their provider fails to recognize subtle but serious findings in children that would not be a major problem for adults. 

‚ÄčWhy subject your child to unnecessary treatments and evaluations, or worse, a missed diagnosis?  

When you choose a pediatrician or pediatric nurse practitioner for your child's medical care, you are giving them the best medical care possible. Still, nobody knows everything. That's why, as pediatric providers, we have developed working relationships with many pediatric specialists from who we seek advice on difficult patients and refer when needed.